I'm a freelance product designer based in Stockholm. For business inquiries:

What I offer

UX/UI & Product Design

Working with design for responsive web and mobile applications is my bread and butter. I love creating seamless and simple solutions to complex problems!

Product Strategy

As a Designer I take on many roles when approaching a project. That being of a strategy stand-point to aligning iterations of implementations in order to bridge the gap between development and design.

UX Research

The Research part is very important in order to create valuable solutions, whether that being a re-design of a website or creating a new mobile application from scratch. Everything I do is based on documented research.

This is me

I'm a freelance product designer based in Stockholm.

I specialize in creating digital products and experiences, tailoring unique solutions for every type of user and platform. I am comfortable working with all aspects of the product cycle, from running ideation workshops and research to prototyping journeys, crafting beautiful UIs and delivering production-ready assets.


Giovanni Vivanco

I’ve had the tremendous honor, pleasure and privilege to have worked with Samuel. A truly amazing person and friend. Except being fantastic, he’s also an amazing designer, and a perfect team-player. I’d say that his greatest strength is that he's solution-driven, always having the user in mind, and that he’s always curious and passionate to learn. The only negative about him is that he’s not working with me :)

Sami Sjölander

SPLIT Stockholm
Samuel is a great designer with the right amount of pride in his work. He always tries to top solve the core issue of problems and challenges, root out pain points and moments of distraction for the users. As a bonus, he is a great team player and a lot of fun to be around - both on and off work.

Choon Akrawi

Samuel is great to work with. He's a dedicated designer who pushed for including everyone in the team and stakeholders to get involved. This was incredibly valuable for us. 10/10, would recommend.

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